What Hyper adjust settings are you using?

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LSF vendor
Sonoma County CA
Stock says first click on the front and 2nd on the back. none of my shocks were on the same setting out of the box.

It sure is hard to feel the clicks.

What are you settings and what terrain do you run on?
right now i have them all on full right. the smalles adjustment i think, but i just started swappign shocks and springs around, as well as need to test out the new 20%ers. sorry its not much help.
I changed the oil to 50%, second smallest holes in front and biggest hole in rear. I need some understeer and better damping, the stock Baja oversteers too much.
Well until the 20% springs show up I have tryed everything with the stock set up and I found that if I try thicker oil it just bends the shafts more.I have tryed every possable combo to try to make this thing better but its really hard with those crapy shafts we have.Any way Im running 20w silicone yes silicone all the way around front hyper set at biggest hole or first hole.And the rear at second hole.
Im still bending shafts but im very hard on the Baja jumping and bashing about.
Springs are on the way and the shafts are still being tested but there coming.
Once the bending problem is solved there will be alot more to work with as far as set up but if your a hard basher or racing theres not much to do with the set up right now.
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