what should i know about the MT??

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sand bernardino,CA
i wanted to know what i should know about the fg mt. the weak and strong point parts availability and what not. will most engines fit this? are the stock tires a good all around tire? and is the stock motor pretty good for some new to gas rc cars? thanks and anything else i should know about this truck would be cool.
The Mt5 is a good truck but will need upgrades ..
steel pinion and alloy spur carrier , alloy upper arms , alloy diff , tuned pipe for starters , im sure you'll have a good time with it and just upgrade as things wear out or brake ..
also the Zen 26 will be more then enough power for you with a tuned pipe
thats great but are these parts weak or just not up to snuff for your guys bash standards? and were can i get those upgrades should the need arise for them? and would yuo reccomend any other vehichle if the MT5 is not achoice cuz it is expensive. thanks alot.
These trucks are great! Built like tanks!

Buy good servos and you will be happy with it. I went with a Hitec 5745 1/4 for steering and a Hitec 5955 tg for throttle/brake, I made the mistake of going cheap and bought an XTM 175 for t/b what a mistake!! Too slow of a servo!

You will need a 5 cell sub-C receiver pack, a standard 5 cell from a nitro truck won't cut it, the pack will dump before you run through your first tank of fuel!

Buy a fail-safe, and set it correctly!! Nothing worse than a failsafe going to full throttle, instead of brake!! 27 pound truck, 45 mph, brick wall, equals big money!

As for parts, try www.largescalerc.com or www.bigboystoysandhobbies.com They will have anything your heart could desire, at good prices too!

When you are ready for more power, I mean ALOT more try a Jet Pro pipe, I have a silenced version and I love it, Just like in the videos, constant wheelies! (Check out www.bigboystoysandhobbies for some videos) By just putting on a pipe on it, will make it flip over backwards!!! Trust me!

Which brings me to my next point, if you buy a pipe, you WILL need a wheelie bar, at $150 for a body, you WILL need one!

Tires... The stock tires are great on pavement, but not so great on loose dirt/gravel, kinda like, out of control! 30 mph,1/2 throttle, punch it... Slide all over the place. Throws rocks and stones about 15-20 feet, 5-6 feet in the air! (Let's see a nitro do that!!!!)

This is a whole new world compared to the world of nitros, I have a couple T-Maxxes, an LST a $1,200 Savage and a bunch of other nitros and I would trash can them all, for a 1/6 scale!

Besides, glow plugs are for diesels!

Go with a 1/6 scale, you won't regret it!
Hope this helps,
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if you buy one you will not go to nitro. the stock parts are ok for the sunday driver but will break as soon as you start having fun. there a plenty of shops here in the states for parts. u can get away with just the pinion,spur gear carrier and rear arms. but if the plastic diff case breaks your gears will be gone then it will cost u about $60 to replace the gears.
well you guys helped alot i guess when i buy it i will have some extra money so i can get some parts. what i was going to do is get the steel gears and plastic cover for them and aluminum rear arms and uppers and hubd. but all i need to get is the aluminum diff and it should be bullet proof. hopefully this new job comes thru so i don't have to sell my savage as i just got it but if i have too i will.

i wanted to also know if this is a good radio equipment choice for now till i can get more money? rhanx again.

This option is the complete basic setup to make your kit RTR. . It includes: Airtronics MX-3 radio Hitec 5745 MG 1/4 scale steering servo Hitec 645MG Throttle Servo 3300 Mah 5 cell receiver back with charging plug Venon Failsafe Venom Battery Monitor
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i'm have a hard time keeping the one i have happy,nice truck though,good luck with the sale......:nono: are you done with the hobby? or are you looking at the K1 gladiator:cool2:
:scooter: Hi Notman, No not realy, I just got a new :eek:ff-topic: Plasyma TV I have to pay for. I don't wan't to see it gone, the MT!:no: But I will get me another one "FG"!:celebrate: When the $$$$ in my pocket is right again! Thanks,
Now I don't want to start an argument and I hope you sell the truck, but IMO the price is way too high.

I understand you dropped a lot of cash in to this truck, but I don't see anyone paying that for it.
No Argument From Me!

:scooter: Hi hpyguy, You R right, I put to much $$$$ in it, & will never get it back. That is why I figured 1/2 of what I got in it I would like to get out of it! O'Well, if it sell's it sell's or not! If not I will put more $$$ in it & keep it!
Now I don't want to start an argument and I hope you sell the truck, but IMO the price is way too high.

I understand you dropped a lot of cash in to this truck, but I don't see anyone paying that for it.
woah havnt been on here in alongtime. well after getting info from all you guys that long time ago i made a savings account for this thing. and guess waht the balance it...2900.67 cents!!! yeah. i completly forgot about getting this after i entered senior year and was enslaved in the school system again. now that i found his forum again iw anted to know where ican get the fg mt at the cheapest price...cheaper than large scale rc...thanksa nd hopefully i can get this asap!! and where is the best place to get hop ups like the diff besides large scale rc?

also is there anything else out there that coukld offer more of a fun factor than the mt?? as i havnt been in the rc scene for about 6 months so i dunno what has been released and what is good and what is trash. thanks again!
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Go to [ul]www.bigboystoysandhobbies.com[/url]. They have a large selection of not only stock but also highly modded FG's . They also have any hop up you need. Give Chris a hollar.He'll hook you up.
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