What to get? Steel, Alloy or Plastic

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I finally got to take my MT out for a little session today, what a blast.
Now I have to go order a new first gear, it stripped(thankfully its only the gear)
I think I might get the steel or alloy gear set.
Is it a good mod? Will other things be proned to letting go besides the gears. What would be the next thing in line to go because of this swap?

Thanks guys
Some say they would like to have a weak link in the drive train. Myself, I have had the all alloy gear set up from the start and love it. The only thing that needs to be checked once in a while is that the grub screws do not back out or become loose, if they do they will move and put a groove in the shaft, you would then need to file the shaft and reinstall the set up.


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Would the grub screw be my only concern with the 2 speed to?
What would be the next week link after the 2 spd?

Thanks Bigger, I appreciate the help.
Myself, I have not had any other problems in the time I have owned my MT and I have not seen any posts with any major damage from running it either. I would think that the next weak link would be the next plastic part which is the differential housing that holds the gear shafts together, but that can be switched out as well.:)


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I have the metal diff cover. I am need of a new one though. Mine has some nice dents in it, I think there is a gouge in it to (not good). Maybe I'll order a new one while I'm ordering my metal gears.

Who makes the better diff cover?

Thanks again.
You are the man BTB.
That was a great write up.
Thanks for everything, I appreciate it.
I'm with BTB on this one - I too like my gears to be steel. I've ran a gallon though my FG Monster Truck and so far not one problem and I'm kinda rough on my RC's. ;)

Well, got me some steel gears. Woo they are shiney, to bad they will be tortured this weekend. No more purty gears :)

A BIG shout out to Troy at LargeScaleRC.com, he got them to me in less than 24 hrs.
You da man

Later fellas
Make sure to use Locktite and check on them for a while so they don't back out. if they start to move you may have to file the grums flat (Remove the cone) and then reinstall, that's what I had to do.
I sure did use Locktite. The screws that came with the pinion gears had it on the set screws. I used blue on the spur gear. There is only one screw that holds the bigger two gears on. I will definately be checking them out quite frequently.
Thanks for the info B
These gears are insane. You can hear them but , I think thats pretty cool.
I love my MT, is an animal. I just got some fresh gas and oil mix with an all synthetic oil, it seems like a brand new truck.
Just make sure to keep an eye on those grubs. The other item I noticed will work its way out due to the force and banging of the large tires are the upright bolts in the front. I don't think they loctited them in on some of the models at the factory. There is a metal spacer that the bolt threads into and thats where you need to get the locktite. You may, if you hit something with a tire, bend one of the bolts/screws. You can get them at any hardware/Home Depot, you don't have to get the stock ones, just make sure they thread into the center metal ring and your set. Oh, and make sure if they are longer you use washers so that the screw doesn't pinch the shaft. :) Have fun, the new gears give it a good whine don't they?


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Thanks for the info B, In appreciate it.
Yes, I love the sound they make. Its like a whole new truck.
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D across the board.
I'm very happy with this mod.
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