What types of boats are there?

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I have a friend who is looking at getting a boat to use up at his cabin on the lake. And who knows if he likes it and I like it I might get one. I think he should get a petrol type to eliminate the hassles of nitro but I don't know of where or what to recommend. Do you guys have some suggestions? I know he doesn't want to spend a ton but not too cheap to have problems.

Thanks, what do you think of the 500.00 one? He wants 75.00 to ship anywhere in the US. And there is 3 to pick from. I emailed him to see what brand the motor is.
I have the Proboat Shock Wave 55. It cruise's about 45 to 50 and runs flawlessly. Cost was $1000.00, retails for $ 1200.00 Expensive.... yea I guess, but the fun is what counts !!!!
hi there i would recommend that u build it yourself there has been alot of problems with the shockwave,black jack and v24
i was dubious about building it myself but to be honest it was one of the easiest builds i have done i bought a ac blastcat from canada and my bro bought a bacardi deep vee pics are in my hello from scotland thread in the introduce yourself section
Been in boats for 27yrs this month. Go to Jims RC Boat Dock and in the For Sale or Wanted section make a post that you are looking for a boat. You will find that site to be a pretty safe place to buy a good used boat. You will get a much better deal than ebay and find some very knowledgeable folks there to help you. It is the friendliest rc site I have found on the net. Put in your post that Curt or crrcboatz recommended you post there if you want. I have over a 1000 posts and been a member 5 yrs.
That said, a gas boat is by far the friendliest and easiest boat to get started in vs nitro or electric.

Good Luck and I believe you will love rc boating.

Another option is Warehouse hobbies BIY kits for $1000. Add another $50 for a 5 HP modified Zenoah. I just ordered the Magnum 57 Kit. Alot more boat for the money compared to others IMO.
I have been running a Prather Fun Cruiser for many years with no troubles. It has a 30cc Homelite weed wacker air cooled motor that runs great at around 30-35mph. 45 min. run time on a tank and gas is still cheaper than nitro
i run an ac blastcat with 27cc sikk tuned pipe and iv bag cant beat abit of boating in the summer


and my brother runs a bacardi deep vee with the same set up

If you want more bang for the buck go with Warehouse hobbys. They are GREAT people to deal with and fast shipping. The boats are built like tanks and run great in all water conditions. I would recomend them and Bonzi sports. Both are great. I will post a all the links that I have from running boats for about 3 1/2 years. LOTs of good info.




Check out the three of them, I hope that will get you started
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