Whats A Good Tool Set ?

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1mm 1.5mm 2 mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm should over most all of it.

a good set of needle nose pliers. small adjustable wrench, i even have a set of sockets around just in case.
Can't go wrong with WEDA wrenches either. I got mine from Tower.

A simple socket set for the wheels, pliers, nippers, Xacto knife, Screwdriver set, mini screwdriver set and you're all set for the most part.
6,7,8,10mm also a 1/2"(for the turnbuckle lock nuts)ring/open end spanners.also a small gas blowlamp/soldering iron for undoing loctite, a must have!
i'd go for T bar allen keys/hex drives in the afformentioned sizes. don't get cheap ones!! they round off really easy.
Tools are such a personal thing, at work I use snap on and mac mostly. Some things from snap on are better than mac and vise versa. My RC tools consist of snap on spanners, MAC torx drivers, mac pliers, snap on files & screw drivers but by far the best allen/torx driver insert bits I've ever found are the 2" ones from FG.
Bondhus keys are great..I have had a set for about 7 years now for heavy use ..not on rc stuff but real cars and machines..

the ball drivers are great and very handy but if you are only getting one set I recommend standard ones as I have snapped a few balls of the ends..great once the large torque has been removed..

And remember buy the best tools you can afford..its always worth it in the long run
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