What's the cure for addiction?

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For the last month I'd say things have been terribly busy for me, mainly things at work, so I haven't been able to run my FG Monster truck for a bit. While over the weekend the weather was a bit warm but nice so I charged up the batteries, fueled up and took it out.

I only ran it for about 30mins or so but here I am this morning now looking on sites like DDM and LargeScaleRC looking for hop-ups. Spending more money is the last thing I need to be doing so what's the cure for this addiction?

Just sell the dang thing to me dirt cheap and I will just become a worse junkie than I already am and you will go through DT's for a few but you will be clean.

I've been told;
"Crack don't smoke itself"
But in our addiction;
"Large Scale don't drive itself"
This is my brain on drugs - "Duh!"
This is my brain on Large Scale - "Watch out for that Bulldozer!":clown:
The cure is to destroy the credit cards and hide the checkbook and ATM card and then forget your about PayPal account. Then send all your toys to me....
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