Wheel Adapters for the Firehammer.

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I think Crazynut racing use to make them, not sure what the scoop is on the company nowdays.
Anyways I had a set of Proline Moabs, Beadlocks and 23mm adapters, unsucsessful at selling them, I decided to modify them for use on the Firehammer. I have just finished and will wait a full day to test them. If they work reasonably well I will post pics and describe what I did to mke them work.
Right now there is slight contact on the rear inner rim, (I don't care if I fug them up)
I'm assumin the foams are factory stock, I got these with a nitro truck trade, either way foams feel a little to soft.
I will update this thread as soon as I finish my testing.
Cool, I look forward to seeing the pics and how they do. I would love to get some other wheels/tires besides the FG or the stock Firehammer MT tires/rims.

I'm not sure what happened with CNR. I went to their site and there wasn't anything there except for a message.
I love winter time thread resurrections! LOL :)

Good question though! Never heard back.

Sorry guys, it worked for like 2 seconds and the wheels popped off. I thought 3 threads would be enough to secure the nuts,also used blue loctite, but because the inside diameter of the hub is so small I was unable to really tighten them down. I used a needlenose plier to try and tighten them but it does'nt have enough grip to cinch them down.
Sorry about the delay I thought I posted the results but it must have been on another forum.(LOL!!!)
Happy Holidays!!!!
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