Wheel extenders


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The pins for the wheel hexes are still 4mm, the dogbone pins are 5mm

What are you actually after? hexes with 5mm pins, or extended hubs? or both?
Thank you all for replying.

gavsta72 i am trying to figure out where the differences are.

i am glad you stated that the pins for 1.0 dbxl 4ever cvd’s are 4mm; i was told the 2.0’s are 5mm

i am after the 5mm pins, AND i’m after woder hexes.

from what i have seen many of the companies that make wider hexes don’t care about weight reduction. They just car a hex from the aluminum and leave a lot of unnecessary material.


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You could always drill the axle out to 5mm and run 5iveT extended hubs if you wish
You could also drill out the axles and DBXL extended hubs to 5mm
Another option is to use DBXL extended hubs and use hardened 4mm pins

You could also run the DBXLe 2.0 outdrives and driveshafts, and extended hubs
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