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Has anyone put a Wheelie Bar on their Firehammer MT (or Grizzly, or Bigfoot, or....). If so, which one did you bolt on? I see one on HobbyThek which looks sweet, but at 125 USD less the shipping, I'm not sure I want to purchase that particular one yet. Will the FG one fit #06295?

does the FHMT really need a wheelie bar? I went ahead and bought a Smartech Big Foot, should be here tomorrow.

What have you done to your FHMT that it needs wheelie bar, LOL. Might be something to look into for my big foot.

Or is it a cosmetic deal. I saw on wheelie bar im not sure where but it looked like a roller skate wheel or skate board wheel mounted to a couple of aluminum plates. you could probably make one, infact im sure you could build one for less than 100 bux from things you can get at a sporting goods or home improvement store.
I'll be putting the DDM pipe on it, I'm more worried about flipping it, landing on it and denting the hell out of it. I've been thinking about building one though. There is a thread on this site somewhere with pics of homemade ones. Maybe I'll attach my Tamiya Hornet to the back of it! LOL! ;)
I put the DDM torque pipe on my FH MT yesterday....WOW!
Massive difference in sound and performance. It was popping wheelies low to mid speed. I still think I need to adjust the low end needle though. I have taken it in about 1/4 turn after putting the pipe on, but still not exactly where I would like it.
With the pipe on you need a wheelie bar. I nearly flipped mine a couple of times. I am think about making one using a skateboard wheel. What do you think?
Awesome! I'd wished I had gotten the torque pipe now. I have the DDM high/mid pipe for my FHMT.

There is actually a thread somewhere in the forum here with a bunch of pics of homemade wheelie bars. I think one with a skateboard wheel would be great.
Just came back from a run. I am finding it hard to tune the low end. It is still poping wheelies at mid speed, but I think it could go a WHOLE LOT better if I could get the low end right. It is just over 1 turn on the low needle at the moment...will leave pics of the wheelie bar when I make one.
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