wheelie bar opinion?

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I'll be putting a DDM dominator pipe on my MB pro.My question is will I need a wheelie bar with the stock 26cc engine?Any opinions??:)
I will have one soon my MT is sittin gin the shop with one on it right now but, there is too much snow to try it out.:( It does look like the FG one will fit unlike some of the others that tuck right behind the filter.


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if your engine is dialled in deffinatly, i had an mb with the hobbytek wheerlie which in my opinion is the best most functional and adjustable wheelie bar for fg available


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Here's a few pics of my homemade one. The angle keeps it from bending, and it's under the arms and diff mounts. The thinner one bent after a few hard landings so I made it out of 3/16" by 3/4" aluminum angle, and haven't had any problems since. You will definetally need some type of wheelie-bar after you add that DDM pipe or you'll spenda lot of time flipping your beetle back over on it's wheels.


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Now that will work. You have that way under the rear. The ones I've seen only bolt on the very rear, you've gone and extended it past the bulk heads. Good job.
how did you know what angle you wanted?
Well, my first try didn't work too well. The angle bent after a hard crash. So I just went up to the next thicker size that I could find available. As far as the size, I wanted it wide enough to go under the diff and rear lower arm mounting holes, and still be able to drill the holes into it, but still be fairly strong. I kinda got lucky that it worked on the second shot.
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