wheelie bar

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I can't read a word of the description, but it looks to be pretty sturdy in the pic. Looks like they used a rollerblade wheel which should last awhile
I would not use it.:no: It looks strong which may be good cause it will not bend but the way its attached it will bend the rear of the chassis up with long term usage. I tried making one like that and it bent the chassis then I broke the bar.:( You can make one for 1/2 he price of a manufactured one. You can see I purchased a somewhat more expensive one but it is held together with a rubber fitting that will give and allow the wheel to bend up before the chassis. Also I cut off the ends and reattached the rear bar to make sure the bar cannot bend back and flex the rear chassis. The best wheelie bar you can make or buy will allow the bar to either give or be connected to the chassis and roll cage at the same time this will eliminate rear chassis flex.

Here are some wheelie bars, my Fg's is the 1st one: (I addded this one too) https://www.largescaleforums.com/forum/showthread.php?t=551&highlight=wheelie
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