Wheelie's look like this...ohhh yeah!

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The below picture shows..... a four wheeled wheelie, that's if there is such a thing lol:)

A side on shot.

Check out the rear left tire..... looks like it's working overtime he.he.he.

Hope you enjoy the pics as much as I enjoy wheelies.

C-mon guys post your wheelie pic's.
hey I'm out western suburbs of sydney, if you're keen one weekend should catch up for some large scale action, i have a monster beetle (well started life as a hummer) and a mate with a pretty loaded baja
Good looking truck and nice pictures - what camera are you using? Also how is your truck setup, all stock?

Thanks heaps guys.

Monaroman: PM sent.

Woodie: I am using a Canon 30D with a Canon 17 - 85 lense.
The truck is totally stock appart from: Lexan side shields, FG lexan gear cover, Dominator Torque pipe, FG wheelie bar, FG roll bar and outerwares pullstart / air filters.
Chrome sump guard and A bar are on there way:)
Unexpected and spontaneous wheelie with a crash... the result... a broken hub.


Some other action... no crashes this time


Sorry for the comments in Portuguese, but this was made for my teammates
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