Wheels and tires are a pain in my arse!!!

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So Cal
Hey guys,

So I just mounted my first set of tires. they are paddles. Wow man, is that a hard process. The second one was defiantly easier than the first.

Then I go to throw them on the whip and I couldent get the dang wheel nuts off... I had to break out a huge wrench to get some leverage.

Is there a trick to this or were the nuts just way too tight? I have heard of them falling off so when I got the car I made sure they were really tight.
I damaged the nuts doing this too. Not cool.

Oh well, the tires look sick so I am happy!

i use a 1/2 in drive ratchet and a 24mm 6pt socket. works great. but yes you can get them too tight. snug the nut, and then tighten until you feel the notches grab 2 or 3 times.

there is a trick to mounting the tires.

i don't glue my foams, but i do wrap then in Good Duct Tape.

put foam on rim, wrap with tape 2 wraps starting and outter edge, and overlapping the center with the tape. once taped, then take foam Off rim and put into tire, lining up the notches in tire/foam. now insert rim from the back side of the tire fully into the tire, now install outer beadlock ring. now flip tire over, and work the tire over the rim and install outter rim. this is ALOT easier to do this way then tring to pull the tire over the rim and foam at the same time.

i also use my drill and a cut off allen wrench to seat the beadlock bolts.
i just lay the drill in my lap and bring the tire and bolt to the drill.
The idea for the foam is a good one. And yea, there was no way that I was going to use an allen key to do the beadlocks. I bought a $5 set of tips for my screwgun a while back. Has almost every tip Ive ever needed, including one for the beadlocks.

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