Where/How did you get your username?

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I see alot of different names here than on the baja forum.Like the title says??? Mine is the FRed & grUMPY combo that I got from the guys at work as I seem to have alot of those off days.GRRRRRR lol:cool2:
Its like the 398 lb guy on the bowling team with Skinny embroidered on his shirt.
I have a knack of coming in 3rd all the time when I race. I have more 3rd place ribbons then anyone I have ever met. A group of the guys started calling me FastEddy.
My nic is what my licence plate was when I used to have a lowrider truck in the late 90's.. Since people started knowing me by it, I decided to keep it. Honestly I really don't like it..lol.. On local auto forums and such I go by "Knoc" because Im knocturnal. Sleep all day, up all night..lol.
contrary to popular beliefs, i ve been Timmahh since the mid 80s. though Timmahh is one of my Fav SP Charecters. along with Kenny. but they took Kenny off. i wonder if he still dies daily?
Mine is simple mic is the first three letters of my sons name and cody is his dogs name. I've often thought of changing it, but have not thought of a good one yet, of course I have been told that I look like that rapper Eminem. It has to be the way my hair is, because I just looked at a pic of him and I don't think I look anything like him.
Mines not because I'm fat.:clown:
I couldn't come up with anything and had some questions about large scale on a forum so I quickly figured if I'm going to sell my small nitros and go bigger it better be better so, Bigger the Better was what I picked.:)
way before internet, we did role playing games like d and d. we were well know to have a smoke of the longbottom leaf and blow smoke rings towards the stars. during a particularly good smoke session, as we were making up a couple characters to play.... thinking of a name. I had a pipe in my hand..... him and his brother doobious travelled for many years together. it was the character I payed closest to my own personnea. been pipeous now for about 8 years online
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