Which MX bike to get


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Northampton, UK
You guys are a bad influence, after reading up lods on bikes I want one!

I'm struggling to figure out the diferences, wonder if you can help.

is the Duratrax 450 the same as the Anderson M5 in europe?

what's the deal with the 1/4 scale Venom Mx, I can't find any shipping dates to europe, let alone list prices.

Are there any other options (that arn't scarily expensive, like the nitro Mx bike)

Finaly, I don't particularly want to have to buy a lipo charger and lipos, as budget is limited and I already have a good NiMh charger from the FG. I know LiPo gives more power and better run times, but am I likely to be happy with a couple of 3000mAh NiMh packs?


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gotta say that my anderson m5 maybe most fun of my 5th scalers. With brushed and nimh it was so dead boring that I didnt even drove more than one battery. With brushless and 3s lipo it transforms from moped to 5th scale motocross bike... believe me you will need brushless and lipos. I think anderson and duratrax are same bikes with different stickers.


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yes DX450 and M5 are the same, just a name differance here stateside, and you guys have a few more options available now.

VMX is said due out end of June. but originally it was end of May. I suspect by the time its actually out, it ll be end of Sept. heh.

you have the HobbyKing 1/4 bike too, that is Cheap (120usd and 45 shipping form china) but its said to be a clone of the AR bikes. if its a full 90% plus clone, i want Nothing to do with it, but if its only similar in alot of aspect, but parts don't interchange, ect. it only LOOKS like the AR, then its not a clone imo, and at 165.00 USD its a pretty good bargin, considering the DX450 are 300 (minimum) and the ARs are 500. and up.

I say grab the M5/DX450 for now. see how you like it and how it goes.


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the dx450 comes with a brushless and even on 2 lipo it's fun. even with the brushless and a decent nmh it will rip it up. the extra weight down low isn't always a bad thing...

I am going to wait until the verdict is out on the venom. I have a gpv1 and all the reading of complaints of that bike and venom doesn't fix the problems, makes me wonder about the dirt bike. the little venom is cute but thinking about selling mine to buy a motor for my redcat rally