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Hi i,m new to the forum and new to 1/5 scale stuff ive had all kinds of rc,s and was wondering if anyone could suggest a needed upgrade besides the motor as it been done. I,ll add that i noticed the shock towers are pretty flexy which is not always bad for durability anyway i,ve ordered carbon fibere ones any suggestions on others:2guns:
one up grade that you will probally soon find out with an upgraded motor is turtle racing hd dog bones and reinforced diff cups mighty good investment.
Well i have a set of hpi heavy duty bones and i do have the outerwears stuff a jetpro3 pipe and i,m not sure about the intake its like a velocity stack behind the carb and it has some sort of big bore kit i,m sure the reinforced diff cups are a good investment
man so many to opt into. but needed things imo, are Metal gears for the steering servok, Outerwares for the airfilter and ps. metal starter pawl for the PullStarter, Hostile Hobby Nightmare Knobby tires, and a good pipe for more power.
everything else mostly depends on how you plan to use it.
Mostly bashin in the sand i have most of what you mentioned, i,m thinking of suspension parts .. i noticed alot of flex in the front shock tower so i,ve ordered carbon but i don't really know what to leave plastic i like the shiny stuff but its not always the best for durability and sometimes the plastic or composite stuff fits better
What's a 'metal starter pawl for the PullStarter'? I haven't seen any parts available for the stock pullstarter, only the whole thing and the Outerwares,
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