Who makes parts for these cars/trucks/buggies


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I bought a Smartech Bigfoot. i got a manual with a list of part numbers, yay part numbers what am i going to do with part numbers.

Ive searched on line and found a bunch of sites that also have a list of part numbers but no actual parts for sale.

I figured the FG parts would be close enough to fit these but it seems like that is not the case from reading other posts.

Oh the FG part will fit if you buy this, this, this and also this to go with that. Basically you end up with a pile of smartech parts and a new FG that you bought peice by peice.

Well i guess i can get a stock pile of metal scraps and hope i can fabricate the parts as they break with my dremel, plyers, and hammer.

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Most of the Duratrax firehammer mt parts fit my XTM Grizzly truck and I think the smartech bigfoot is the same platform. I am building mine from a basketcase what you need I might have it or can give you the right link.

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Always good to know that nothings forgotten.:clown:
EDIT: I didnt even see how old it was. LOL. I read the 1st one thinking it was new.