Who's got an Race Runner Evo 3 ,use this Thread for any info and reports ????

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from what i was told from king cobra its a couple of months away as they are makin a few more changes and their will be anupgrade pack available for the evo1 to make it into the evo 3
Its for sale now at king cobra tell them simon told you , i had 2 older mcd race runners but sold them ages ago, things breaking, Bob and Richard know me very well............
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i spoke with richard on friday it was him that said they only have evo 2 in stock as mcd haven't released it as they are makin a few more changes as richard said they can do an upgrade pack yet as they don't know what the changes are i only want an upgrade pack
the changes are different wishbones and diff casing, diff gear drive shafts and ball ends different chassis, plastic bumper , there are 7 changes intotal if you download 08 catologue find Race Runner look at spec tells you all 7 new things... :)
yeah and they have changed the wishbones again as well as the upper ones too and their is no change to the chassis from evo1 to evo3 as they want the evo 1 to be upgradable to evo3
yeah and they have changed the wishbones again as well as the upper ones too and their is no change to the chassis from evo1 to evo3 as they want the evo 1 to be upgradable to evo3

The chassis is different has no kick up at the front and there are more holes in the chassis at the back may be for a bumper...:)

It would appear that King Cobra/Rossendales are trying to clear their stocks of the Evo 2 before announcing the arrival of the Evo 3 models!!! King Cobra like all of the european importers/distributors received the Evo 3 models earlier this month. They seem to be the only ones not to be advertising them unlike IPS (France) Mogatech (Germany) etc.

I hope MCD release an official upgrade kit but they probably won't for sometime....

well the upgrade kit is definately gonna happen as rick said they have spoke to mcd and they said it will be available soon just need to get a decent price and whether they will do a discount for return of old parts but i was also told the evo 1 parts will still be available
well guys got my Evo 3 on the friday 29th febuary 08, built it ,well sevo's fitted and bought samba tune pipe so i didnt have to cut windows out on that side, all went well for first 3 mintues, if you look at gears they call them A-B-C-D, well where D is theres a block with 2 grub screws this was not lock tigthed, so the engine reved, took gears off fasten grub screws up and away i went, all fine, i can say this car is fab, drifts with grip round a gravel track my friend as the evo2, has said in on of my early threads, this evo 3 out preforms is evo2 less bouncy ness at front end.. i gave it some stick yestarday and it was all ok did a jump 2 feet high and land ok no damage to shock forks or shock towers , then came home about 5pm fingers where getting slightly blue lol, so i would recommend one or upgrade when it comes out, very soon i hope for you guys :):) speak to richard at rossendale models/king cobra, tell him simon told you to ask about upgrade :):):)
Time to come clean, actually both my new Baja 1000 and the Race Runner (received yesterday) are both EVO III's. Was fortunate enough to get some early releases through Largescalerc for development, I understand they will be getting their full shipment any day of Evo IIIs in.

So Here are few shots of the Race Runner, threw some quick paint on, and started to get it all together and ready to go-


And here you can see that the universals have been changed to solid dogbones, which is great, I don't think I have seen a universal that can really take a beating from a 1/5 scale and survive.


Looking forward to getting some drive time with this, I will try to post some video up in a few days, gonna do some more testing with my on board camera.

Not having a whole lot of experience with the MCD's in general, I really like how they have done a lot of stuff, but do see some room for improvement, I have a few things in the works, and will keep everyone updated.

If you have any questions for me about the Evo III, please ask away and I will do my best to answer them.
One more thing, the one thing I did right out of the gate was to use some HPI baja dogbone boots and cover the front to rear drive lines, since they are a PITA to get to for servicing, I figured this will save me a bunch of time down the road-


They are a hair large, but I just used some safety wire to cinch them down over the drive cups.

I plan to do this as well for the outboard dogbones, but will have to see if there is enough room to relieve the outboard axle carriers to fit a boot in there. Since I play on the beach so much, I think this will be a necessity.
thats looking good man and also a good tip with the boots.
do you think the fg boots will fit because i got a few hanging around also don't want swear but im going to be ordering one of those :clown: from fs racing they look good and when it arrives i will be looking your way for inprovments ok :blush:
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