will this pipe fit?

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west mi
i have a firehamer mt on its way and am looking at a jet pro pipe will it fi the mt? or with what mods?


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it will get in the way of the roll cage?? should be able to modifi it right? its my first 1/5 scale truck. and i don't have it yet it in transit.Picture 108.jpg

Picture 106.jpg
I agree with CSP. It isn't the Jet Pro...def looks like TGN to me. The TGN pipe is made to fit the FG MT. Will not fit your Firehammer.
Got Truck, Broke Front Tire Off Truck. Darn Mailbox,,,, Pipe Fits Body Dosent... Got A Can Exaust,, That Dumps Under The Body It Should Dump Out Of The Body.. Darn It Again.....

What Do I Have To Do For The Clutch Ingage Later? Stiffer Spring?
Not sure what thats supposed to do for you?:no: Is there a way you can return it? If your stuck with it you could find a aluminum welder that could close up the top pipe and make a pipe out the side and have them weld it for you. Like the attached link. Or you could buy another like it. Then you could use the silicone extensions to come out the side and not get everything all oily.
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Ok, forgot the FHMT was open in the rear. Here is how that pipe is to fit:
You should return it, it is bent backwards, unless that is for a different model?


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