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Well its snowing and windy today thought I would put the parts I bought to make some windows to work for me.

I bought and used the following items:
1. Smallest piece of Acrylic I could find (2x2) available in several colors. This sheet will be enough to make 6 sets of everything.:blush: $8.00-10.00


2. 3/8" Cable Clamps - Need 10ea. $0.99


3. Bolts & Nuts- Your choice to fasten. $1.00

4. Dremel or cutting tool.


1. Make some templates out of some cardboard. You can use them over and over again. Make sure you can open the side ones to get at the inside.


2. Mark/scribe the template on the plastic sheet and cut it out. I found locking the dremel between your knees and sliding the sheet over the cutting bit was the easiest way to cut it out. I would think if you had a router table it would be the best.


3. Next take the piece and mark where you would like the holes for fastening it to the roll cage. Use the same dremel bit to drill the holes for your screws. Using the dremel bit is easier then a drill and a bit. You can make the hole larger by rotating the dremel bit in the hole. Make sure the bottom clamps are not going to interfear with the body if you use one. I set them under and against the light holder on the cage.

The finished product is great and cheap!

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Very good BtB. I just did my front window last weekend (picked up some lexan from home depot for 4 bucks a small sheet) and made that one. Since I saw what you did with yours, I'm going to do the side windows.
Cool.:cool2: Don't think i would ever pay the price they want for the manufactured ones after seeing what it cost to do.:no: Heck I'm not in the least afraid of breaking them, I have the template and i have enough left over to make another 6 sets of everything for penny's to the dollar I would spend on the name brand.:)
I made my own windows out of material I had in my garage. I rounded out the window above the gas cap because it would cut my finger. I also drilled two holes to be able to get at the carb screws.
I was thinking I was going to have to drill it out for that reason too but I found if you cut the back of the plastic clasp that holes it to the roll bar so that it is no longer fastened in the back under the screw, it will hold it to the roll bar but will be easy to just pop open and get in there with no fastener removal in the future. This will also help in removing the filter and cleaning.:)
Well I agree... they can be made at a reasonable cost by the time you get materials and hardware you've still spent $10-12... But not everyone has the hardware stores close enough to make it cost efective..($3.25 per gal)not to mention a little trial and error...

I am offering all forum members $5.00 off my eBay listing for (5B windows) reg. $29.95...


I drive a Civic so that brings me down to 8 bucks! :)
...I found locking the dremel between your knees and sliding the sheet over the cutting bit was the easiest way to cut it out...

Heh, call me careful in seeing that as a quick way of getting a circumcision, but wouldn't putting the acrylic sheet on the side of a table be a safer way? Also, could a more cost effective way be to use projector acetates, or is the structural rigidity of plexi required?
Polycarbonate is the best to use... real tough takes a serious beating...

It only comes in clear and a light smoke.

Acrylic is stiffer and can be broken if abused enough ( we don't do that now do we):no: I have several friends I run with here and we have not broken any yet... and they try....

But colors are available... I like the dark smoke.. I'm going to get some LimoDark Smoke... and Bronze smoke...
picked up some plexiglass out of the trash at work so the price just dropped dramaticlly. Now its a little scratched but give me a couple times out with new and it would look the same. Cudos on the tutorial.

Very nicely done. I like lexan better than acrylic too myself. I'm actually in the process of making a new body for my Baja.......

Its actually of my bajas will soon be a recreation of a special ops armored desert warfare vehicle. Gun turret and missile launchers included.

The windscreen so far is a "plate" of armor as well with a slot for visibility.

Of course, the creation so far has taken about 6 turns in design, so I have pieces of previous discarded designs Should be done sometime before spring.
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