WOW only 1200??

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ya, thats why its not sold/bought by me.. Hehe.. Ebay = Scary sometimes for me. Its hard to see such a great deal but sometimes makes me wonder why its such a great deal?
If I could I would but its somewhat of a drive for me after work...
7hrs 420mi @ 25 mi/gal x 3.20 gal = $110.00 round trip to see a bent chassis.:clown:
finally i get to see whats in that huge plastic shroud. Dual servo steering? Did i see correctly or is the other servo doing something else. Why 1/4 scale for the throttle/brake servo it doesn't weigh anymore than any other model and they only use standard servos. I still don't see whats costing so much cash with these MCD models. Is it the 4wd? they have that set up pretty well engine in the center for equal front and rear weight distribution so the front and rear tires would pull about the same.

Even if the chassis is bent, you can buy a new one right? wheres the 1200 dollar figure you got? i saw the total worth according to him is 3500 bux. bidding is at a little over 100 now.
with buy it now and now reserve. the buy it now dissapears as soon as a bid is placed. i m thinking it had a 1200.00 bin before a bid was placed.
Oh well its gone now for some reason?
Ya, the buy it now was $1,225 + 90.00 S/H they said the total amount invested was $3500.00. I asked them why so low a price was in working order? It may be a good thing I didn't go for it here is the response.

I have about 45 rc 5 of them large scale i been doing this for about 8 years, I am eliminating 70 % of my collection since i spend more time fixing them reather them enjoying them, And yes i am in working order i make more the I need and money it not as important any more

Oh, well on to the item on my wish list.:clown:
Yes it has 4 wheel drive and yes it weighs more than all the others. Mine weighs 42 pounds with gas. I assume that is why the 1/4 scale servo for the throttle and brake. It really is a fun truck, but it needs the larger 30cc engine to make it really fun.--nate
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