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Anyone run an X-Can on their Firehammer or Firehammer MT? If so, how's the performance? Any pic you can post?

I have one on my Baja and love it.
i run the x-can on mine it does give the truck more low end
Awesome. I have one on my Baja that I want to use on my FHMT, but I'll have to purchase some silicone tubing to route it out the sides since my Xcan isn't a side exhaust!

Do you have an X-Port on yours?
Can you take a side pic with the body off? I want to see it up closer. I see you used some copper tubing to get it out the top. I think I want to try that.
In those pics, do you need to use some type of sealing compound for the elbows and extension pipes? Automotive muffler compound?
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