X-maxx or Kraton?

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Guys, I'm a newbie to RC cars and want to get a cool dirt bike. I'm torn between X-maxx and Kraton. So I want to really know what you guys think of them. Which do you think is better? I learned in this article (Kraton vs Xmaxx) that Arrma cars are more durable while Traxxas cost less. Don't know if it matches what it claims.
thank you for your reply.
My bro has an Xmaxx and sends that thing to the moon lol. Only thing ever broke was a something in the steering knuckle when he let someone drive it and they hit a mailbox post at full tilt lol. Arrma chassis even w the upgraded brace are known to bend with big air jumps....

P.s. I am confused at your want to get a cool dirt bike statement at the beginning...you know you cant ride these machines correct lmao!
Arrma scams people with their advertised 7075 aluminum, I have been able to bend their aluminum with my hands, whereas a real 7075 aluminum 5mm sheet could withstand your weight without bending (what a coincidence; the losi 5t), additionally they are so heavy that the square-cube law kicks in, and you can notice that when jumping the car or mildly crashing it. They are cool cars, but the xmaxx is simply one of a kind, made from the ground up to be what it is, reliable, durable, easy to repair and fun.
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