X2's Kicking up some dirt VIDEO

Thanks. It hasn't been easy making the track, but nothing rewarding is very easy. And I really do wish it was my actual back yard. Sadly it's ~40 minutes from my house. I have a bunch of other vids on my youtube channel, some are just me rambling about what I did during the months that it's been developing. Not sure if you guys want to see all those posted here, maybe y'all do, let me know. Shimmy has been a great help on this track, but I'll let him speak on that. Gotta get shimmy a head cam.


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Roanoke, VA
If Lead fingers run a minute he has put an hour into that track and it keeps evolving month after month. I just stand around and push dirt when needed. Oh and run the pee out of my X2! Thanks Mr. Finger! The new OBR engine is ready to cut some laps this weekend. Hope to have video from that as well.

New driver stand, woot!

Best action so far, though it was a bit muddy. LoL, right after we watered it, the skies opened up for about an hour and watered it some more. Was a good day at the track.
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