XCR-1000 Shock Rebuild Question


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Hello ALL
Does anyone know what the stock weight oil is for the front and rear shocks on an XCR-1000?? And also how much shock oil total is needed to rebuild all 4 shocks?? Ive been trying to get the TRUE weight that comes with the vehicle brand new. I bought it from DDM but they sent me an answer of what they THINK it is. I think they 40/30 front/rear i could be remebering it wrong but they said thats w hat they think it is. My concern is I want to put heavier shock oil in there to get it a lil more stiff and get more control. I dnt want to waste money on buying shock oil for all 4 shocks trying to figure out if I should go higher or lower. So if anyone knows that would be very helpful so I can then know what I need to get right off the bat.

Your input is greatly appreciated!!