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Hi there guy's
I have just got into large scale models and find it great that there no glo starters,battery starters and expencive fuel to carry around with me every were i go out with the buggy.
I have just bought a xrc buggy/baja and wanted to no if there were any hop up's on the market for them.I would like steel spur gear's and front and rear arm's and front axle carriers.or if any other manufacture.s parts would fit.

Any help would be great thank's paul
Your probably not going to find many hop-ups for these models. There is no one making parts for them, I think due to the low entry level price of the vehicles. It makes it hard to sell parts, that could cost about 1/2 as much as the whole car. It seems to be difficult to even get stock replacement parts for them right now. They are still fairly new as well, just keep watching, someone will make parts eventually. I would think so anyway ....

Its a joke i have had the buggy 19days naw with in the first 15mins run time the spur gear mashed so i took it home washed it off and when i was drying it the steering servo fell to pieces. I talk to model teck where i got it from they sed they would replace the steering servo f.o.c. but cant get the spur gears for 2 weeks.So i wanted my money back because i was not happy with the product and MODELTECK sed no refund or replacement. tuff s##t

So i have a buggy i cant use cant get parts for and cant get a refund.
Thank's xrc and thank's modelteck.

when i can finaly repair it look out for it on ebay/or if anyone needs to strip for part's then send me a message. cheers
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Man, that BLOWS. i d be all over the web posting how INCREDIBLY poopy Of them that is!!!! i would be SURE others also Knew it.

did you pay with a CC? if you did, your credit card company may be able to help you out. here in the states we have a 30 day law, where i think we have some protection. especially if a cc is used.
I payed my local model shop cash.
i also keep the shop open when he has to go out or holidays so i have credit wih the shop.The shop owner is great and has been on to the phone to modelteck but they wont return the buggy or give me the money back
your right blows
If this new Techno platform is anything like the Techno Jr platform, one would do best to save afew more dollars and buy a better unit from the get go.
Several of the lower line model cars are the same way, In my opinion. I would save the extra couple hundred dollars & have a car I know is good enough. Making sure parts are available as well is a very nice thing to know. I know IMEX is handling the XRC models now too. This could help availability some for sure ? Who knows ...
I have one and it is a piece of SH*T out of the box. After a pipe motor swap and servo upgrades it drives nice. But if I hadn't have gotten the deal I got I wouldn't have done it because I put another $275 - 325 in it to make it a half way good car. So that on top of the retail of 500 - 600 your all speaking of is what you can buy a 5 B for. If you can get these used for about $200-300 they might be worth upgrading. They need a radio a stock CY 23 cc and a pipe for starters. I have a pipe for one on Ebay right now.
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