zenoah g230rc

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if your in england what carb settings are you using eg idle screw 1turn
highspeed 2 turns
low speed 3turns
any help would be great many thanks madforRC
lsn should be 1.25 turns and hsn should be 1.5 turns then adjust your idle to suit i normally adjust idle till it starts then give it .5 of a turn
thanks guys,Ive printed the manual already and changed the needle settings accordingly but still have no luck starting it, so im going to buy a new spark plug.Where can I get a spark plug from. My local model shop has stopped stocking 1/5 scale models. I live in the united kingdom (England)
most small engine shops. lawn and garden shops, hardware stores. anyplace that sells weed whips and chainsaws should be able to get a usable plug. make sure it is a Resister Plug, ie. has an R in the model number for the plug.
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