1/5 sclale Off-Road Racing coming to Phoenix, Arizona!!!!

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Phoenix Arizona
Its official, Papago RC Raceway will start holding races for 1/5 scale buggies starting January of 2008. We are designing a track specifically built for 1/5 scale racing which can also be challenging for 1/8 buggies and truggies.

We are already a HPI dealer and will be receiving the new Baja SS shortly. We will also be a MCD, FG, Team Gonads, Ramtech, and Daves Discount Motors dealer & more. I will be working with these manufactures on sponsor deals so we can get a series going and have some nice prizes.

Classes wil consist of:

2wd Stock: stock 23cc motor on pump gas, any pipe
2wd Open: any motor, any add-ons, any gas

4wd Stock: stock 23cc motor on pump gas, any pipe
4wd Open: any motor, any add-ons, any gas

1/5 scale will have its own day for racing, meaning no other type of racing will occur on that day.

The layout we have drawn up include 15 foot lanes and a 750 ft centerline length, some doubles, a triple, single to shelf, whoops, stepups, a sweeper, downhill chicane, a few berms, and a 200 foot straight with a short sweeper.

There will be 3 qualifiers at 10 minutes each and mains will be 30 minutes.

Marshaling will be the same as that in 1/8 scale racing.

I need to hear a lot of support for this to make it happen, so lets hear it. Suggestions welcomed.

Team Papago Manager - Hitec RCD
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