16/48 or 18/46

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Do you folks generally prefer the stock 16/48 or the 18/46 the better choice? This is for the stock engine and the jetpro pipe.

Stock Gearing

:scooter:The 16/48 is stock with the FG MT5 & with the 8" tall tires & the 18/46 is stock on the FG ST & with the 6 1/2 tall tires. If you run the 16/48 with the ST tires it will not go as fast but you will have one heck of a off the line & Very Wheelie prone! So if you run the 18/46 with the MT5 tires it will go real fast & you will loose some off the line power.
In the blood

:eek:fftopic::scooter:Thanks cub2000,It is kinda like my Harley once it is in the Blood it stay's in the blood. I sure am going to hate to se it go!:crying:! Beach.jpg
I know that there should be a weak link in the gears. Between the 16 tooth and 48 tooth, which combo do you prefer: 16 plastic, 48 steel or 16 steel, 48 plastic?
steel 16 tooth pinion .. pinions should always be steel from the heat generated from the clutchbell .. IMO grab a 8000 rpm spring and cluch shoes or better a elcon 4 shoe adjustable clutch and run the 18/46 with steel pinion then you can adjust for higher launches and still keep your top end aswell .. unless you really like wheelies ..then run the 16/48 .. just my pennys worth :)
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If you really like wheelies then you need 16 tooth steel pinoin / 48 tooth plastic spur and run it with a 50 tooth diff gear.....
I run that combo for my first gear and a 20 tooth steel pinion / 44 tooth plastic spur for second gear, but you better hang on cause it's fast.
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