A little question on bearings.

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Williamston, MI
I thought about PM'ing Fasteddy with this question, but decided that maybe someone else might have the same question but has not spoken up yet.
Okay here it goes a couple weeks ago I ordered and got Fasteddy's bearing kit, my question is this. "The original bearings #6901-2RS (they are sealed bearings too), the replacement ones from Fasteddy are #6901RS. My question is Whats the difference?
Different manufacturers have different ways of marking their bearings.
6901 is the size
RS= Rubber Sealed.
-2RS = Rubber sealed on both sides.

If you look at the bearings you will see that Both have rubber seals on both sides.

One of the manufactures -2RS offers in their line of products with other options such as -1RS, one side only has a rubber seal. The manufacturer of my bearing doesn't offer any other options so they simply have a part number of -RS

Hope this helps.
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