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Newark, CA
This is just a theory.

If every one has the old front page in thier cache or the ISP/server cahce then if you could link to a page that is not in the cache it would take you directly to the new site.

So if someone wouldn't mind doing this for those of us who are still stuck here. Please do the following:

Go to hpibajforum and start a new thread. It doesn't matter what it's about. It will provide a link to a page that no one has in their cache.

Then post a link to that page over hear so that we can link to the new thread. This would allow us access to the new website.

I have no idea if this would work because there is the issue of loggin in and what not but It's just an idea.
Didn't work for me. I got one last night using a different computer...but the same comput that let me on last night isn't letting me on today. Weird
Seems there is something a tad shoddy going on with the DNS propagation...

Usually it should be working fine within 48 hours...

It shouldn't work then not work, something isn't right there.

Keep in mind that the DNS propagation is out of the server and server managers control.

The only thing that I can see that could possibly be done is disabling the old server.

I will run a few DNS check's on the situation... see what I come up with...
i wonder if those who cant get one are useing a common route.

need someone who is unable to access the site to run some Trace Routes too. go to start and then Run
open the run window, and type tracert push enter

copy hte page when it finishes< about 20 seconds in most cases, and post it here in the forum if you can. this may help isolate key spots of concern with the path from your puter to the forum.
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