Another dry diff from the factory.

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Im glad I tore it down and looked. Not only was it not full, it was close to bone dry. Im glad I spent the time to check. There were also several loose screws along the way. :(

Thanks for the warning guys I truly appreciate it.
I have not heard of one yet that was properly filled.There was a thread in the HBF and not one was filled correctly.Sounds like a quaility control issue on HPIs part.
The least they could do is warn people that it has to be filled to your liking or how about this just fill it at the factory.Nothing in the manual about that one not one word.
I will be opening the diffs on the 5B before it gets run again.

Sucks to have to worry about something like that.
Ill have a photo heavy tutorial / how to posted on the front page in a few days. Keep an eye out for it. Its not a hard task but there are a lot of steps.
I tryed 30000 was too much for my liking so I went to 10000 I like it but I wanted to see if 5000 was better.I did like the 5000 but Im going to go back to 10000 next time im in there.
I think 10000 has a better feel and works well in all terrain for me anyways.
After reading all about dry diffs with everyone who checked so far, I just had to tear down and look. Well, I appreciated my lesson in tear-down and re-assembly, but the diff was filled with oil and I didnt need to tear it down. LOL. There are 3 factory seals taped over another on the box it came in. That leads me to believe there were 2 updates after the initial boxing. Maybe oil in the diff was done after the foam insert updates. This was a recent purchase.

BTW, thanks for all the great info guys!
maybe they finally adressed the low oil in the diff. so far your the first i heard of with one filled!!! and SEALED!!!
I'am using AE 10k weight in mine I blew my diff also and did not know about the "dry diff" when I bought and sent the blowing diff gear pics too HPI and they sent me 2 new complete diffs(but I had 2 wait months) cause they said the diff gears were on back order.. But when I ordered replacements cause in the mean time I wanted too run my car, they had them in stock at tower?
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