Baja 5b #0100XXX is MINE!

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Got it today! What a beauty! I can't believe how big that thing is. The smoothness of it makes my Firehammer MT seem primitive. My wife couldn't believe how cool it looks. I don't see one thing on it I dislike. I love the stickers, the paint job, etc. etc. etc.

Now I just have to check the diff for fluid, change the steering servo gears to metal, put on the redneck filter, the tarmac tires, and the outerwear prefilter. I may gut the stock can for a bit, don't know yet. I'm trying to decide on the Xcan vs. the HPI tuned pipe. I need to watch some videos first though.

Anyway, I'll probably stare at it and work on it the next week before I even think of running it.
Hay, thats the serial number of the one that got stole from me!!
:D J/K
Glad to see you finally got it.
Did you like that New Baja Smell?

Im going to edit out the S# in your title. Best to keep it privet.
Thanks for doing that! Can you do that over on the hpibajaforum as well? Now I'm worried!

That smell was unreal. It is the next best thing to new baby smell (which I'll get to smell again in November!, and not the bad baby smell!).
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