Baja to Racerunner conversion almost complete

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Melbourne, Australia
Well my Baja to Racerunner conversion is almost complete so here’s a couple of pics.

Don’t know how they look on your PC but on mine the cover looks red when in fact it is really orange. As you can see im using the wing of a HPI Baja as they are much cheaper and come in a rrange of colours. Also picked up the new steel transmission gears which are 26T & 23T as opposed to the 24/25T stock gears. This should give it a slightly higher top speed. Although narrower than the plastic ones they are very heavy for the size so would not recommend them if your looking at the lightest setup possible. That aside they look bulletproof.






As posted a while back I was not very happy with the standard alloy bumper so I made a prototype out of some scrap plastic that lying around the garage. Although it turned out ok I was still a little concerned about the full force of a frontal impact being transferred directly to the chassis (well at least the energy that was not absorbed by the soft bumper). To compound this fear there were a few posts in the German forum where a member had made a similar bumper and kinked the chassis when he took a high speed frontal hit. Anyway, I made up a brace similar to the one available from King Cobra but with additional support in the form of a “L” shape so one side is butted up against the front transmission cover. Hopefully this will prevent any frontal impact from kinking the chassis as well as strengthening the front pivot joints.



All I need to do now is install the other 2 battery regulators and I should finally be good to go again…..YAY!!!
Mono I like it, the single colour looks awesome - built for business, with the wheels and the wing matching white (the orange is red on my pc) it screams HOLDEN. Whack some sponsors on that bod and you'll go faster :clown:

Racerunner on wrexxy :nono:
Very nice Mono,
I like the whole setup and the color. The plate for reinforcement and the bumper are very innovative. The wheels look killer (no pun intended LOL)..
Great Job
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