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At first glance they look to be a good price.
I didn't see any mention of the ABEC rating. ABEC1 or 3 is what your looking for unless your seriously into racing. Ask first.

The bearings listed are also Metal shielded. They may be fine for on-road applications if you will be maintaining them often. For off road, or on-road and no maintenance, see if they offer them in a rubber shield.
Cheers eddy.. was more thinkin that they would be good cheap bearings for using on the beach as you know how sand chew's through bearings.. could use these a few times and then just replace, it'd be cheaper than forking out for the more expensive fg ones all the time
I have had my Baja at the beach many times. Using a rubber shielded bearing should work fine. Just clean them off with a toothbrush when you get home. Beach running is great but takes a lot of maintenance.

Running a metal shielded unit in the sand is a one time deal. You will have to completely maintain every bearing every time. The sand will also get in the bearing and cause instant damage.

If someone will post all the bearing sizes for the FGs, Ill make some quality kits and offer them for a price that will make you smile even after shipping from the US.
wheels 8x22x7 (8) required, layshaft 10x19x7 (2), clutch bell 10x22x6 (2), stock plastic diff 12x28x8 (2) , alloy diff 15x28x7 (2)
Great info!
We will be placing an import order at the beginning of the month and will include these bearings in order order.

What modles will use this combination of bearings?
i think all the fg models except the F-1 models use these same ones. i know for sure all the marder based cars use them. i pretty sure the firehammer uses these also.
A few notes about the bearings listed in the link above.
First off an ABEC rating of 7 isnt the proper bearing to be using in an off road RC for durability. The higher the rating the closer the tolerances are. The higher numbers will damage and wear out much faster then a lower rated unit. Suggested ABEC ratings for Off road use racing and bashing is 1 or at most 3. With such close tolerances as in a 7 a small amount of contamination will cause wearing and failing much quicker. Higher ABEC bearings work well for non contaminating and high speed use. Again, they will offer less drag but you will pay the price in durability and time of use in an off road application.

On a 2nd note, the price for an ABEC-7 of this size direct from the factory in a quantity of 50K units is over double whats being charged by the seller.

The bearings may very well suit the needs of Off road application. My guess is that they are ABEC-1 units being over rated by the seller. There is no way for the buyer to know what the ratings are other then the honesty of the seller. On the other hand, He may just be blowing out old stock for well under cost. I don't want to be accusing anyone of being dishonest. They may very well be as advertised.
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