Been a while, have to get over here more often

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San Jose, CA
Hey everyone, a lot of you of course know me from the other forum, and I just have not posted over here for some time, I hope to change that since we have many projects that we have been working on not only for just the Baja but some engine specific stuff that will work with pretty much any large scale.

Some of the things that are now available-

The Meaty Bones dog bones-


And the billet cylinder shell for use with the SIKK marine top end making 4+ HP -


We will keep you guys up to date on some of the big projects we are working on as well.
you make some killer stuff man.. ive got more to buy! i do have your axle extenders, but i need them meaty bones!:blush:
ill be trying that watercooled conversion when my esp 30.5 dies.
I'll look over at HBF when there is time to go over the many posting since I was last there but, was there a dyno on the sikk to check on their claim of HP? I followed the start of the head cooling thread but have'nt looked since.
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