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Post MB pics here.I'm going to be painting a new beetle body and would like to get some ideas.Any links to beetle pics?:helpsmilie: :)
It's a full alloy motor and it's annodised red and and blue! I've just ordered a F40 chassis for her and thats annodised blue to! I only drop the slicks on for the winter but it's all good fun!!!!
I have spent far to much money on it being honest £4000 thats with evrything and spares,transmitters stuff i have just thrown in the bin lol it gets to a point you get scared to drive it!
i got a baja them are pretty tuff right out of the box. but i still ended up putting a grand worth of upgrades into it. but most of it was not needed it was stuff i wanted
Well my beetle have been mutanted
i made my own chassi .250 7075 t6 alloy and strenched it to the lenght of a leopard , using the leopard front axle mounts because the chassis is flat , a Monster Truck front arms and Chop Suey has made me a Custom front shock tower so now it's 95% alloy just need the rear lower arms im thinking of something right now so we'll see :)
Thanks . i'll get good pics soon .. outside instead of inside on my dirty bench .. hehe ..
I got a 26cc heli engine with a adjustable timming cover in her and the throttle is responsive anyway because of the way they are tuned, the bottle wont add any power ! but it just helps with smoother running! when you back off the throttle it sucks the excess fuel back in! Then when you power back on it pushes a double rich fuel mixture through!
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