No Moa

Hey there, where are you located in Maine? I'm in Augusta,I'm have a couple 5th scale in the works, there are going to be 3 of us(me,My son,& nephew) to start out up here with 5th scales,maybe we could get hooked up, we are probably going to run at the Civic Center parking lot in a few weeks
NoM. Dale and I just did a Deal for my Brave I thats all stock, the one i listed in the MKP.
Dale. No is very helpful on the Bergs. being local he ll be give you some great help info on them as well.

you still have a few of your Bergs don't you?
man i wish i could get more people interested in these around me.
Any place to get berg parts, Raco is out of bussiness and there is a berg for sale on e-bay that needs the whole side case and pull start unit. I wish I could remember who I sold my laro to in N.Y. about 5 years ago on e-bay It had every imaginable hopup on it including a titanium chassis and the berg up and over pipe.
hey No, im selling my Brave/Bull unit.
its listed in the fs section here.
lmk if your interested.
need BAJA money. lol
Timmahh, i'm looking for cheap, that car is to nice for what i'm going to do.


"too nice"?

For shame! That's like "too much power" or "too beautiful"...there is no such thing! You want it, don't you...go on, give in! Give in to the Dark Side...

If I could have, I'd 've bought an FG Evo...I'll probably never race competitively, but hot damn is it a sexy machine! Just one glance at hydraulic disc brakes and polished aluminum control arms gets me gitty! Never once did I think "too nice"...however, I did think "$4k? Christ, wow, that Sportline 04 looks great!" LOL...
my Brave/Bull unit has been sold to new forum member Phil Anderson. Phil is in the process of selling his 1/4 scale WCM Lightning to get a Baja. Seem our conversations of the berg, and then the baja, has given him Da Bug. lol

Snagged another Baja Addict. lol
Im considering selling my last Berg, the Porsche 911T to get the SS kit.

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