Blackline upgrades?


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Hy all! I finally got my blackline. I bought it becouse that is only thing they had in store, and its hard here to get new MCD. I would have to wait few months for it.
I have Zenoah 26 on it. As blackline doesn't have oil shocks, rollbar, diffs i would like to upgrade those parts sometime soon.
Rollbar is easy upgrade.
But the shocks look to me way to expensive. I am not sure if the prices I looked are for the 1 peace or the set but one aloy shock costs around 50€??
So as I got some spare parts with the car, I got these forks for the shock, and forks are aloy. I would like to fit that fork on the FG shock and put it on the car. As I can get FG parts almost free.
Did anyone try to put FG shocks on MCD?

And for the diffs. As I have locked diffs now, I thing it would be the best to buy LSD than stock diff? I see people are puting LSD on front on prolines. Where would I need to put the diff? Or maybe I will need to buy 2 LSDs?
For the shocks I am buying FG shocks. I have 4 MCD Aloy Forks, and I will just put them on FG shocks. Becouse I can get 4 FG shocks for 10-20€. I am not paying 200€ for MCD shocks witch are same thing.

Yes you can use the fg shocks but try to use the proper springs and shock oil to give you the proper setup. its worth a try. the weight of the two cars must me similar for the shocks to work and springs must me proper or the shock will be too soft or hard. LSD are very costly .

Why does mcd charge so much for shocks??

do the shock forks fit both FG and MCD shocks?

and are they the same?

On my MCD the forks alow the drivechain to go though
It seems mcd forks fit FG shocks. Didnt see MCD aloy shocks so I don't know if they are the same. FG has wide shocks for buggys,and narrow for the sportsline. I will see witch ones will fit better.
I tryed FG red shocks front shocks on FG Marder. Forks fit perfect, but the shock is too big so when I put it on the car, the car is too high, and if you push the car to the ground it is still too high as it reaches the lowest point.
So FG front buggy shocks would fit very good if you want high offroad rally car.
I will still try with FG F1 Competition shocks,as it seems they could be little shorter.
If this wont work, its very easy to modify the shock towers to fit the bigger shocks.
that it have to see

could you not post a pic?

Im also thinking of changing my shocks to a bit more offroad like ones
well i didnt have camera to take a picture
i will tak efew pics next time I try to change shocks
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