brushless firehammer mt

Kinda misses the point don't ya think.And for $2700 I better be able ti ride in it.:( Oh and one more thing they don't get BATTERIES ARE FOR FLASHLIGHTS:lol: :lol:
i don't want to start a war but i bet it would out run and out pull my ported 29cc. i agree the price is high but the shop were it comes from is all about quality.
The modifications look real clean and as if they belong.

They rate the motor at 50,000 RPM. I wonder what it can really turn under load and with that ESC? Our gas engines turn 14 - 18,000 RPM. If you get more revs out of that set up then you don't need a two-speed to get it faster than a gasoline setup.

I wouldn't want to run this truck in dirt or especially water/mud. I couldn't imagine how hard it would be to clean or how much you would ruin with dirt and moisture.

I also agree with the visceral fun of a gas engine. I had a 1/10 electric truck before my Firehammer. Once I heard that gas engine idle and scream I was hooked on gas!

Still, very cool modification.
Believe it or not that motor and speed control is just as water proof as a 2 stroker.

I would like it if someone else was buying and charging the batteries it takes to run that thing.

Its so much easier to charge a little receiver pack and fill a gas tank than it is to charge up those batteries. your still back to the run for 10 mins and charge for hours. i like the charge for 30 mins and run for 5 hours type deal i get now, or at least thats what im supposed to get my batteries are always messed up. i get about a tank and a half on each charge.
oh man those are lipo cells, lipo and the crash happy cars and trucks do not mix. I wouldnt be able to drive it any faster than 5mph id be too worried about the thing exploding when i land a jump, or should i say not land a jump.
there is no way that E-hammer would hold up to what i put my gasser through. i can just see those motor wires wadding up and shorting out the batteries and burning the truck to the ground. I wouldnt touch it even if i had the cash.
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