Busted shock tower screw

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Ok maybe today wasn't such a good day after all to run my FG MT. After realizing it was time to work on my diff I started taking it part only to try to remove the top left shock tower screw that holds the shocks in place. Upon trying to remove the screw I only managed to remove the head of the screw. So now I have one shock off and another still in place by half a screw.

Without mauling up the shocks or tower how can i get this screw removed?

boy thats a toughy!

if you can manage to get the shock off, (remove the other bolt and see if you can work it off
) then grab the bolt with channel locks and back it out?

I was thinking something like that as well, maybe a clamp or something to push the screw out. It's always something around my house ;)

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