Can tha mcd compete vs the fg at the track


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Can the rally MCD keep up with the fg and harm on road cars with the hydro brakes and all the speed those cars carry ??

What kind of top end are we dealing with the mcd?

Will they survive the racing scene on pavement ??
Do they handle as good ?

from the actual racing standpoint- everything i've read says that the MCD will out-corner the FG and Harm due to the AWD, (more controlable slide)but that's a double edged sword.

the AWD is also more weight, moving parts, rotating mass,... etc to get going, so off the line the FG is faster with acceleration.

the slide of the MCD is like the car walking sideways with corections from the steering and throttle to control direction and velocity. you can control the andle of the car and the amount it slide with the throttle. 'throttle steering' - google it.
the 2wd cars swing more when they start to slide, thus a countersteer and throttle adjustment must be made faster to catch the car before it spins out. i say adjustment becuase depending on what you as the driver did to induce the spin, you must do the opposite or half the opposite to fix it.

ALSO - MCD or any AWD cars are not allowed to be admitted to sanctioned races with 2wd cars. different classes. if you're into just bashing around with your friends, than that makes no difference, but if you want to race you'll have to conform and choose your class before you go buying a car, and parts.

ad-hock races are a different story. if you go to a track with a bunch of different people and just have open lapping sessions, then you can choose either.

in short - the "racing" aspect is what will help make your decision. it's difficult to compare the AWD to the 2WD...

I hope that helps,
I have never raced in on-road 2wd vs 4wd. But having much experience with the MCD vehicles. I would comfortably say they will out run pretty much anything in a 2wd class. As mentioned though, comparing the two is not real easy. The engine placement and other design features make the MCD's very stable in turns as well as being AWD !
Over here we have a track that is not very sticky. Its very hard to drive 2wd car. There is not enough grip, and there are just few people that can drive 2wd lets say to its max. Didnt try my MCD yet as I don't have the servos and other things, but I expect to have advantage on the track becouse of the bad grip.And my car is blackline so I think it will slide all the time becouse of the locked diffs.
Here in the UK we have a driver sponsored for both FG and MCD.
Last week at the track, he had the opportunity to run both. Checking the lap times, the MCD was consistantly 1 second a lap slower than the FG.
I would have to see those results. I have watched 2wd racing & 4wd racing. Never together though ... So ? Seems that a 4wd would be faster all around though would suffer a weight dis-advantage.

I have been told the MCD EVO3 edition Pro-racerunner off-road buggy, was turning faster lap times than 1/8 scale buggy's. That an impressive thing & would lead me to believe in on-road it would be very fast. MCD rally cars are awesome. Mine will be ready by weeks end !! More to come.

This one is made for fun !!! Video shot by me :cool2:

This video still ROCKS, showing the real durability & action of them.

I could be wrong ?
The laps were controlled with transponders, so no cheating there.
The fact is that the tyres available for the FG are thermorubber and give enormous amounts of grip for accelerating and braking.The down side is they only last about 35mins.
The Mcd tyres do not give that type of grip, however they will last a complete season.
on a large sweeping track a 2wd car is faster than the 4wd mcds this goes for off road and on road i have both mcd cars and also 2 wd cars and on a tight track the mcd is faster but on a sweeping track the 2wd are faster
in the wet the mcds are alot faster than a 2wd car
Hi there

this makes logical sense.

It is not fair to compare two different tire combos .

A fair comp is both buggies same tires NOW WE ARE TALKING .

Good track with all conditions and change drivers to see if one is better than the other.

Thanks for the inputs guys
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