Carb questiom WT-813???

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I bought the Wt-813 from ddm's site i installed it on my car and now it will not turn over. I took the carb off then tried to prime it and no fuel cam out at all, maybe a drop that's it. I was just wondering if anyone knew a solution for this. The engine is getting spark I checked it. Please Help:)
black line to the bottom of the carb, yellow line to the top, ( black is delivery, yellow is overflow).

where are the H and L needles setting at?
Just installed mine today. A little more difficult to start without choke. I pump primer bulb about 10 times and within 2-5 pulls it will start. Runs great, definite improvement over stock.
Penn. with the 813 power it all up and give the trigger a squeeze or two which will prime the carb due to the accelorator pump that carb has.
I had trouble with the WT813 on my ESP 30.5 + 2mm stroker too. Stock H/L position did not work at all. Had to set L = 1 and H = 1½ for best result. Idle holder all in or it dies!

To start it without choke do this:
Squeeze trigger a few times (I do 5 times)
Pull engine and i starts

I don't need to prime :)

One problem I had, it was difficult to get WOT. Seems like the WT813 need more turn to get WOT than stock carb :helpsmilie:
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It means that my servo needs to push more on the rod to get WOT on the carb. My DX3 set at 125% throttle and that’s not enough for full WOT :helpsmilie:
Martin. look at the throatle arm stopper on the linkage, you will probably need to adjust the stopper some to push on the linkage faster.
also your dual rate setting on your tx may need to be adjusted as well.
Well It still won't start. I tried 1 turn out on the low speed and 1 and a half on the high, squeezed the throttle 3 times and nothing, could it be something regarding the big bore kit and ddm dominator pipe that I added. I am gettin pissed, I just want this bastard to start, It's still getting spark too.
You may want to backup to square 1 and replace the carb with the stocker and see if you can get it going.

On a side note, I got a 29 kit in a trade and was unsuccessful in getting it ti run after hours of pulling. Being new with gassers I didnt realize there wasn't enough compression. Im still not sure why but I reinstalled the 23 head crank and piston and it runs fine. I purchased a 29 full engine and it fired right up. I haven't had a chance to see what the issue is with the 29 kit, its sitting in a plastic bag on my bench, :(
I tried putting on the stock carb and nothing. I am out of options, I might just take everything off and go back to stock, and throw the parts in the trash
Try to prime the carb by holding your hand over the carb and give it a few pulls and rest needles back .
did you use the proper carb gasket ? there should be a hole in the gasket that matches up with the tiny vent hole in the carb . make sure its not a solid gasket aswell .. have you try'd a few drops of fuel into the plug hole also ? that will narrow down your problem also , if it fires through the plug hole .
i have a hard time explaining to people but i hope those few things did help ..
Good Luck ..
Update, I took off the carb to check the gasket and it is possitioned rite. I also tried to start it by plugging the intake w/ my finger and it still would not start, although gas was coming out of the carb because my finger was wet. I also tried to pour fuel into the engine from the spark plug inlet and it still wouldn't start. Checked the spark also, and it is good. Well I am out of options, is there something that I can do with the linkage from the servo or are there some sort of factory carb settings on the bad boy. If it won't start I guess I'm taking everything off and going back to stock because this is the third week of dealing with this and the weather is only getting nicer.
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