Chainsaw Bike

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Why? Why spend the time and the money into something so pointless? Am I missing something here?

becuz they could? lol seems alot of the world manufacturing companies area falling into the Southern RedNeck American Phase, of manufacturing. lol

You make a valid point - to me I just see the above video as silly. Kinda like if someone was to take 200 nitro rc engines and put them in a full size pick-up, that's all.

Being a big fan of Makita tools (I use Makita and Dewalt tools in my auto detailing because they are the best for my purposes) I love it. Ya it's pointless I guess, but it still shows some mad engineering skills to get all those motors working together like that.
Kinda like if someone was to take 200 nitro rc engines and put them in a full size pick-up

Yeah but I'd like to see that too!

Agreed tho - its all very pointless, strange thing is tho pointless amuses me,

Like a drift truck

or these MASSIVE 8x8 trucks in the czech republic that they get the urge to do some ahh, forest conservation with :no:

Or even fainting goats! I laugh EVERY time at 1:10 - but maybe its just my sick sense of humour
I would never wish the job of tuning that bike on anyone. Interesting, but I can imagine it is not very efficient. And the black smoke billowing out of the 8x8 trucks...oof...
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