Cleaning the Baja 5b pull start


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This is a simple tutorial on how to do a light cleaning on your HPI Baja 5b pull start after a day of running.
The pull start acts as a dirt and grass trap and collects a large amount of debris every time you run. Its recommended that you clean it out after a day of running or more often if needed. The flywheel acts as an induction fan and pulls everything that comes close to...

Cleaning the Baja 5b pull start


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I use the cover as shown in the tutorial. After just one tank running on the street and in medium length grass in the park across the street I still got a load of crap in the starter / flywheel compartment.

If you look at the pic, you will see a bunch of stuck dirt on the outside of the pull start. It was the same on the inside. I also had a bunch of grass in there at the back under the flywheel.
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