Cleaning wheel bearings

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I decided to take apart a couple of front wheel bearings to see if I could clean and relube them. These bearings have the rubber shields. The disassembly went good and I cleaned all the parts.

What is the best lubricant to use when putting them back together? I have graphite and heavy grease on hand and could easily pick up something else if more appropriate.

What have you used to relube these bearings?

I considered just throwing them away and buying new but was looking for a project :)

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Not sure myself on the grease but how did the sleeves come off? I have taken a few of the metal sleeves off but found that denting the sleeve is almost inevitable. Any photos of the bearings apart? I just got a set of rubber sealed ones due to the metal sleeves allowing so much crap to get in, did you have debris getting in the rubber seals too?

Sorry so many questions.:blush:


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Use Good Quality Wheel Bearing Grease! works perfect. doesn't brake down due to heat, maintains excellent viscosity, and is easy to work with.
there is a product out called 'the Greaser" made for repacking bearings. Fast Eddy was going to look at getting them and haveing them available.
supposed to work like a charm,
what i do, i put some grease to the side of palm of my left hand, take the bearings with shields removed and cleaned up well, and use my right hand to force new grease into the bearing by scraping it across my left hand with the grease. messy but packs them very well.
I pulled the rubber shields off by prying a little with a sharp tool. I screwed up two bearings by taking them completely apart. Now I can't get them back together. Luckily it's only two bearings.

Now I know that's not a real smart idea.
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