Different Rims on FG Baja

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Just wondering if anybody had a picture of the FG Baja with regular rims (i.e. Marders, hormans, etc)... I think it might look pretty killer..IMO
Alright here's the pic.
In the middle of putting her back together, gotta get my pipe back from a mate tommorrow as well.
try the very bottom of the 3 links. i think you used the Embed auto link. don't sue that one, use the third one listed under the picture.

copy that line of code that starts

then paist that here where you type your reply, n hit save.
the link is to another forum and you have to be logged in to see the thread. I right clicked and checked properties ;)

try just uploading the actual pic here. at worst you will have to go into that forum and right click/save, then post it here
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