Drivetrain bearings?

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Since I'm rebuilding the diff I figured now would be just as good as any other time to look at replacing some of the bearings. I noticed the diff bearings (6063) are 12x28x8 in size. Looking on eBay for "12x28x8 bearings" I find a whole slew of options -- Sealed, Chrome Steel Shileds, Ceramic.

For this type of dirty application what would be my best option?

You should just get a Team FastEddy FG Bearing kit.
He took a lot of time and effort to put the best possible kit together.
If you don't know the jerk, I can introduce you :D
You know I forgot all about that jerk selling bearings for some reason, though I do remember the screws... that I never got ;)

BTW, do you have separate bearings? I'm not needing a complete kit, just something for the diff.

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