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I am wanting to upgrade my XS3 75 mhz JR, I looked at the SPECTRUM stuff it looks good, I like the DX3 because the setup, endpoints, and all the programming is the same as my JR. The DX3R looks neat, has some additional features, and has only 4 AA batteries, therefore it is much lighter.

How do the 4 AA batteries last in the DX3R? Do you constantly have to be charging them?
I think 4 AA batteries maybe last even longer than 8AA batteries, becouse my nomadio uses 4AA batts and it has big screen with backlight,it vibrates,and play sounds all the time, and lasts alot.
Thanks for your help, I bought a DX3R, I think I got a good price from my LHS, can't wate to get it. I will go to the city Monday so I will let you all know what the setup and operation is like.
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