engine high idle

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fredericksburg Va
Hi guy's im in some trouble that i cant get sorted out. I replaced a cylinder gasket in my 29cy head kit motor but it still idle's high.. but when i tip the truck up on it's left side it idles even higher and then slows down when you put bak down?!?! :helpsmilie:

What is that signs of. also i put some gasket sealant on that cylinder gasket and don't see leaks anymore... is it my carb?? even though i've cleaned it out spotless?? carb it a month 1/2 old with the engine. help me out fellas
check your fuel lines for a leak crack in them. when you tip it the pressure changes a bit, and may cause the leak to get bigger, thus the higher idle.
im gonna say an airleak somewere. also look at the intake manifold and gaskets. the stock ones may warp a bit and then leak on you.

check the lines/gaskets ect. you ll prolly find a leak somewhere.

a good way to check this is to start it up, use wd 40 and spray just a bit around the gaskets, any idle changed will indicate a leak where you are spraying.

Hey Timmah, it's one of those 29cy billet head kit motors.. everytime i take the cooling head off the copper ring gasket apears to have oily residue on the ring.. i thoug copper didnt leak, atleast it dosent imn my 26.. but if it's oily that means it's a leak right?
i ve heard that these motors can have a tendency to have the cooling heads warp, causing an air leak....
maybe check to see that the head isnt warped causing your leak.

^^shiiiaat.. and i think thats what it is, i took the cooling head off and re tighten it really hard. and it fired up and idled a bit longer but shut off... i should have just stuck with the normal 29cc motor
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